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Today, more than a product, we want a solution to our problems. When we talk about innovative products we generally talk about things that we have not mastered yet. When we talk about new technologies we want more easiness, less cost and efficiency. In the modern world we do not have time anymore for long learning curves with long courses and training, we want immediate answers.

That’s how we think at CSP and with this purpose we work to reduce at most the complexity of our products and services. Everything is thought to facilitate the use of our solutions and so we dedicate ourselves as best we can in our customer support. We have technicians dedicated and focused on solving the customer's problem, no waiting tone in the call, or transfers. All CSP’s products have its complete mastering, all that we supply was completely developed by CSP or we have the full support of our partners on it. Our technology base is broad and comprehensive and we seek to give full support to our customers directly and efficiently.

Dúvidas Frequentes

  • Does Autocap work anywhere in the world?

    We use the Navtec map, which covers almost the entire globe, and we use the GSM quadriband technology that is used practically worldwide. We have experience in several countries, including ones in African continent, without problems.

  • Can Autocap be used in motorcycles?

    Yes. Autocap was designed to be used in any type of vehicle and has resistance to dust and vibration of any order. It has been already used in a motorcycle that traveled 12,500 kilometers to Ushuaia ¬ (see video in our youtube channel).

  • Does GSM give coverage throughout the national territory?

    No, but it covers most part of the Brazilian territory. There are some places in which a telephone operator has better signal than another and because of that Autocap allows the use of up to two operators, thus minimizing the problem. The fact is that accidents happen, as a rule, close to major centers and in these centers the GSM signal is usually good. Another important point is that Autocap stores all recorded data and images for long periods and, when connected, it transmits all the data that have not been transmitted yet, regardless of the volume of data accumulated. Even then it keeps its data in the SD card.

  • Does the radar works at night?

    Every equipment of CSP works in night mode using infrared light. The flashes and illuminators have filters or only emit infra-red light, which the human eye cannot see.

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