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Of intellectual capital CSP is a company aimed to the development of highly innovative products. Uniting technical capacity, creativity and determination we build throughout more than 20 years a portfolio of innovative products that enable us to present to the market unique solutions with the most advanced technology. We not only develop products, we create solutions. Our main focus is the quality of the human life, both in terms of physical and patrimonial security, and of the well-being. With great vision for the quality of which it produces, CSP is the union of creative and dedicated people.

Installed in the south of Brazil, in Florianópolis it has its own headquarters of 1,500 m2 in the Technological Park Alfa. With a creative vision it was always dedicated to products that solve problems. We believe that the world can be a better place and we try to make our part presenting to our clients solutions that fully meet their expectations.

Our history

According to official statistics, the traffic accidents have been the greatest cause of deaths. The high speed, the alcohol consumption by the drivers and the imprudence are the major responsible for serious accidents.

Knowing the great value of each life, CSP started its search for mechanisms that can prevent accidents, making the drivers aware of their responsibility when guiding a car.

With this aim, CSP started its activities in 1989, in the city of Campo Grande (MS), manufacturing the first electronic breathalyzer of Latin America. In little time, it improved its product and became the national leader in sales, starting also the export for the whole South America.

With the incentive to the implantation of companies of technological base promoted by the government of Santa Catarina, CSP glimpsed a great opportunity, and was installed in Florianópolis, in the Technological Park Alfa. Thus, in 1994, already in a new address, CSP launched another product: the micro processed traffic light controller, a modern equipment and with much more features for data analysis. Then the portable radars and the electronic barriers arrived, which controls the speed and the flow of vehicles on the streets, avenues and roads.

The experience and high level of technological development made CSP assume the challenge of entering in the security market in 2002. Then emerged Olho Vivo, Electronic Surveillance Smart System, People Access Control and Goods Movement and Plate Recognition based on the image analysis. Following the footsteps of Olho Vivo, CSP created Autocap, Nautcap and Controlcap and today is dedicated to innovative technological solutions of high added value for the security and sustainability of the human life.

All this evolution of products and the constant innovation would not be possible if CSP did not have a unique characteristic: determination. Only with determination we can find creative solutions, aimed to the life preservation, our greatest heritage.

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