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Visual Speed

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  • Stores this data in encrypted file in the moment and place of the inspection, which prevents that they are altered by operators
  • Keeps stored the visual evidences for undetermined time
  • Highly robust, being developed for the field application of high availability
  • Extremely precise
  • Easy to use
  • Unequaled quality of the images captured
  • Long range
  • integrated GPS

Speed Static Controller.

It has as objective to detect and record images of traffic infractions regarding the punctual speed of vehicles in determined section of a traffic lane. Totally digital, uses a Lidar (Laser radar) from Stalker as measurement system.

Homologated by INMETRO (metrological federal institute) through Ordinance DIMEL no. 034, of 04/20/1999, it meets completely all the technical and legal requirements for the installation and usage in the urban and road routes of Brazil.

This technology developed by CSP makes available to the user an equipment with high resolution of image, capable to identify the data of the violator license plate, as well as the brand and the model of the vehicle.

The Visual Speed is ideal to dense transit routes of vehicles and besides the inspection of the excess of speed, enables the opportunity to record infractions like overtaking in forbidden places with the precision of the laser system, thus reducing the costs of the operation.

Visual Speed
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