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  • Number of internships: Up to 16
  • Plans: 255
  • Lanes: 1,440
  • Sequences: 10
  • Types of day: 10
  • Actuators: Up to 8 entries
  • Number of slaves by master: 32
  • Type of Communication: Bus
  • Communication of protocols: RS-232 (modem) and RS-485 (master/slave)
  • Operation mode: 5
  • High level programming
  • Exits: Solid state with zero crossing
  • Telemonitoring with occurrences record
  • Protection against conflicts: By hardware
  • Network traffic light operation

Created to be a high reliability product and of easy operation, it offers all the necessary resources to the traffic control of large and small cities, revealing ideal to any type or size of road system.

Using the most advanced hardware and software, this traffic controller presents as main characteristic the great operational capacity.

Traffic Control can be equipped with exclusive equipment of sound signaling system, activated by remote control, called Electronic Cane, aiming to provide more security and comfort to visually impaired people.

Modular in its conception, it is composed of an aluminum chassis, in which the control plates are fixed, making the expansions and maintenance of the equipment simple.

All the electronic system of Traffic Control is packaged in a robust box of glass fiber, hermetic sealed, thus protecting the components from weather and vandalism.

For all this, Traffic Control is the right measure equipment to streamline the traffic control of a city and significantly improve the operational and maintenance cost in this area.

Traffic Control
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