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  • Fully touch, with no moving or mechanical parts
  • fully waterproof, sealed with epox resin
  • CAN network
  • potency up to 10 A (potency key)
  • configuration by software
  • Retro feeding signal by color change
  • adhesive membrane with subtitles easily applied
  • applicable in frames and conventional mirrors

The keys are the essence of the system, by CAN network the keys can communicate with any device on the network, as other keys, boxes or Nautcap. Fully programmable can control any channel of any box or even other keys. The keys are fully sealed and waterproof which guarantees a endless lifetime. Through its internal processor besides it actuates a device it also receives the return of this command changing color from red to blue, so if there is failure the key can signal the problem. The keys can control up to 47 devices simultaneously allowing complex forms of actuations and convenience. Everything can be configured from the form of action to sensitivity. By adhesive membranes each key can easily indicate the caption to their function.


Touch Keys


The keys can be configured to act in different ways and thus control different types of devices. The keys on touch mode act as an on/off switch and can control up to 47 other channels of boxes or keys.


Pulse Keys


The keys can be configured to act as a momentary drive, like a horn when pressed keeps the active channel and when loose off. Can power multiple devices at the same time as independent bilge pumps.


Potency Key

This model actuates devices and have an output channel of up to 10A that can be triggered locally or by another device via the CAN network. Thus in the case of low current where more channels are not needed it can be used, lowering costs and simplifying the system. Especially in small vessels it can be used in panels dispensing distribution frames and breakers panel, significantly reducing the complexity of the wiring and increasing security.

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