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Despite the Box input reads any type of electrical signal some specific sensors have been developed to improve the application in a nautical environment. The most important sensors are securely connected and most of them turn a mechanical magnitude into an electrical signal, so the sensors are connected to the input box that manage this signal and generates important information for the system, especially security.


Gas sensor


Specially developed to detect flammable gases before presenting risky concentrations. It was developed precisely to alert any potential vapor to cause a serious fire before being noticed by people. It is essential for safety especially in boats with gasoline engines.


temperature sensor


Although there are several temperature sensors the Boto System sensor's main characteristic is robustness, usually commercial sensors are not designed for marine environments and can spoil over time by simple oxidation.


smoke detectors


Assisting the gas sensor in case a fire of solid material, for example short-circuit may be detected, avoiding further damage.

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