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  • Navtec global map, the largest and most updated of the market with professional reliability
  • Integrated management with images
  • Cloud computing environment
  • Low implantation cost
  • Smart managerial reports
  • Manageable alarms and fences
  • Total security information

The most advanced there is in fleet management you will find in Rodocap. Fully integrated to Autocap, Rodocap is a powerful fleet manager.

Different from other systems Rodocap allows you to manage your fleet in real time using telemetry, GPS location and image in a single graphic interface in an intuitive way using the most powerful concept of cloud computing.

In Rodocap you can administer routes, itinerary, electronic fences, maintenance, programming and telemetry in real time all this associated to events’ images.

In Rodocap you can define maintenance plans based in data updated in real time, for instance, collect a vehicle for being spending more fuel than the expected. Estimate the probable date of preventive maintenance based on the vehicle conditions and the how it is being used.

With the whole telemetry capacity of Autocap, mechanical problems, of conduction or even accidents are monitored the whole time by Rodocap, sensitively reducing the time to solve a problem.

With Rodocap doubts regarding the operation can easily be clarified by images generated by Autocap. In case of operational alarms you can know if the trunk was open wrongly, if the driver offered a ride or any other alarm defined by the operator.

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