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  • Low cost
  • Reduced size (the smallest existing DVR)
  • Images of two cameras with 720X480 pixels (D1) in H264
  • Memory card of up to 32 Gb
  • Low consumption
  • Resistant to vibration, dust and temperature
  • Easy use and installation
  • Lifetime warranty

Evidence innovates with the micro DVR concept.

Externally small and robust its biggest value is the simplicity and efficiency.
With two channels of Video D1 (720X480) in H264 and detection of movement, records in SD memory card of up to 32 Gb sharp images in a completely automatic way.

You just have to turn it on. With really low consumption it does not need ventilation.
Immune to vibration and resistant Evidence was totally thought to be simple and direct.
It can be installed in any operation conditions, in vehicles, inside electric boards, lining or walls.

Low cost and robustness guarantees high applicability.
You can install it in any place or uninstall it without difficulty, without configurations, play and stop buttons or any other intervention you just have to feed it to start the recording and best, where there is no movement it stops, saving space in the card.
It is a practical DVR and of low cost for several applications.

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  • Residences and Small Trades
  • Vehicles

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