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  • Strength
  • Integrated speaker
  • Message display
  • Self-management of fences and offline routes
  • Security in message exchanges
  • Password encryption and door control
  • Lowest cost of communication between the station and the vehicle
  • Easy to operate

Helping Autocap its main function is to expand the Autocap functionalities.
Datacap is a communication and control terminal that can interact with the driver through messages and voice channel.

In case of lost of signal Datacap helps Autocap in door, alarms, trunk and safe management.
In its internal memory might be contained the operation data and fences, alerting the driver for the operational procedures and risk and danger situations.

With Datacap the driver can be warned about dangerous curves, excess of speed, tumbling risk, among others.
With great efficiency crashes and accidents can be reported besides being a direct channel of communication between driver and the monitoring station, dismissing, in some cases, communication radios and cell phones.

From the station direct messages can be sent to the driver and receive failure reports, crashes and password requests.
Its best characteristic is safety, as the entire communication interface is encrypted.
It is virtually impossible to intercept a password or instruction.

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