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Boto System

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  • cost reduction
  • higher added value
  • decreased installation time;
  • reduction up to 40% of electrical wiring
  • reduction up to 36.05% of the cabling weight
  • reduction up to 36% of loss
  • greater protection against short-circuiting and power outages. The power circuits has efficiency of up to 5 times greater than panels of traditional breakers.
  • greater flexibility in settings far outpacing the current standards of comfort

A new technological concept comes to the yacht market: digital electric. With the advancement of technology it is possible to control almost everything, but only a dedicated system gives the reliability and the efficiency needed.

With this focus Boto System was created, which from the need of the nautical market has developed a complete line of devices specifically designed to give an efficient response to new needs.

They are integrated solutions that allows greater efficiency and control of the entire electrical system of the boat. It is well known the difficulty in vessels with electrical systems for several reasons, first by the highly aggressive environment for components subject to oxidation; second by power consumption in a vessel, be it the size it is, will always require of battery and electrical system maximum efficiency. The Boto System came to break the paradigm that electronic does not combines with water.

Each component is designed to work in network or individually, with an innovative concept of distributed processing. There is no main and unique brain that controls everything, in fact all the components communicate through a CAN network and each module is responsible for a specific function giving full system reliability. With incredible system flexibility it can be configured quickly and intuitively.

Boto System
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