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Eletronic Blitz

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  • Portable units of inspection, and identification of plate of vehicle with consultation in the database for mobile operations
  • Fixed units of plate identification and inspection of vehicle with consultation in the database
  • Support and data processing station with traffic department

The Electronic Blitz consists in a modern integrated system for the electronic control of vehicle, through the capture and recognition of the characters of the plates and confrontation with the database of transport department, which makes it possible to identify, in real time, all the vehicles with irregularities that pass through the place where the blitz will be acting and promote the due interception.

The usage of this system allows a substantial recovery of the lost revenues, not only with the default, but also with the significant delays in the payment of licensing, taxes, fines and obligatory insurances, because the common blitz cannot take care of all the vehicles that pass in a certain location, due to the huge flow.

This system enables a more effective action in the recovery of stolen vehicles and in the retention of the irregular ones on critical and strategic points, likes police stations, tolls, bridges and intense traffic roads.

In the security matter, we can still add that, when identifying the stolen vehicle in advance, the police force will approach with the due preparation to deal with it, reducing the costs of the agents responsible for the action.

Eletronic Blitz
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