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  • Internal GPS
  • Razor-sharp images of up to 4 cameras with 720 x420 pixels
  • Recording of up to 6 days or more of images
  • Smart management in real time
  • Accelerometer
  • High strength
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 3G communication with up to 2 operators
  • Better cost-benefit
  • Complete telemetry with recording of all the data generated for up to 6 months
  • Totally integrated platform

It’s not easy to maintain a vehicle fleet. A chaotic traffic, theft, increase of the operational costs are daily problems to be administered. With an innovative approach Autocap gathers great capacity of processing, image, GPS and telemetry.

Its capacity to record images go beyond a simple VDR. It is a smart monitoring system that besides registering all the operation has intelligence to alert the monitoring station or the manager about relevant events, like crashes, panic alerts, door openings in unscheduled times. Autocap is not limited to recording; it is capable of managing and acting on the events. Associated to Rodocap (management software), Autocap is the most efficient way to manage the fleet. Autocap can record images in isolated photos in jpeg or record videos in H264 resolution of 720X 480 pixels, that is 4 times sharper than most of the VDRs marketed today.

All its processing capacity and memory allows identifying, managing and recording all and any event.
Autocap can read any type of signal and make decisions based on the collected data. Its internal accelerometer allows alerting about possible risks of tumbling, for instance. It can decide when it is safe to open a door or trunk.

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  • Armored Car
  • Fleet
  • Bus

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